Friday, August 8, 2008


Damn, I love me a good Cat Fashion Show:

"Earlier in the day, Matilda, a pedigreed ragdoll breed with long, silky, cream-colored hair, held court on a chaise lounge by the entrance."

You can see a few disappointing photographs here. I really hope that next months issue of Cat Fancy has a centerfold of this event. It would be almost as exciting as their annual "Kittens" issue. Sigh. I love cats and kittens, even when cruelly dressed in costume.


LC said...

i think Eli would be top model. :)

meanjean said...

True Business. Eliot would be America's next top cat model. I just dont want him to get involved in that fierce world of competition, drugs and eating disorders (we all know he's struggled with those things before!)