Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chance Noble - Sexist Punk

I've done a little reputation ruining blogging before for jerks who choose to publicly demonstrate their stupidity, and here's a little more:

Courtney, a blogger at my favorite site feministing.com, published an op-ed in Metro the other day about sexual misconduct on the New York City subways. Here is one email Courtney received in response and her completely appropriate comments as well (sorry, some language might be a little offensive):

Dear Courtney,

I read your opinions about the MTA raising awareness about sexual misconduct on the subways and found it very naive and written from a very white-middle-class-women-studies-privaleged perspective. You are correct that women have been dealing with this kind of stuff from guys for years, but what about how women dress in the subways? Today (after reading your opinion) while on the subway, I saw a woman sit near me with a very low cut shirt and very large tits...she looked hot! I totally stared at her tits any chance I could get...which is probably why she wore the shirt right? I also see scores of women with those cotton summer dresses on and just a thong underneath, so you see their asses bobbling around under the skirt. That sounds like blaming the victim right? Well when you leave almost nothing to the imagination, it doesn't take much for it to run wild. This is not to say you whip your cock out at any moment or press your boner on any tart that wears a hot outfit, but where they "asking for it"? I know you are probably fuming by now, but from the looks of your picture you probably don't get sexually harrassed much, so maybe you are jealous of all of the hot-ass bitches with the big titties, shaved snatches and round asses that get some action underground.

hells to the motherfuckin' yeah!!!!

Chance Noble

I wanted you to know his name and his email address--snhca@exit3.com--in case you'd like to chat with him about this idea, and/or avoid ever dating/hiring him.

I repost this garbage mainly in efforts to smear his name.

Check out Courtney's full post on this here.

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LC said...

I think Feministing's hate mail is hilarious. I mean, sad, but hilarious. I love how the girls always call them out. And then, bloggers like you, repost it and make it even more visible! Like the 1st guy you posted about....