Sunday, July 13, 2008

Who thought this one up?

I know I've blogged a lot about CNN and how they express ridiculous opinions and claim worthless things to be newsworthy, but this just goes one step further. Now you can order random T-shirts with CNN headlines on them--and I dont mean things like "Obama Wins Iowa" or "Peace in the Middle East" or whatever...I mean things like this. Yes. That t-shirt proclaims "Cerebral palsy boy mows lawns." Don't worry, there are plenty more everyday at $15 a pop, if the Cerebral Palsy headline doesn't tickle your fancy. What is also funny is that apparently the application is hackable. Jeffzilla shows us that you can just change the URL and make up your own headline.

I mean, Come on. What the hell is the purpose of this?
(Please don't comment with "making money" because I'm bright enough to get that. My question is slightly more rhetorical. Also, dont get too excited because the image above is no longer available...these shirts disappear pretty fast, creating collectors additions i would imagine.)


lifestudent said...

I want to know why they choose to be selective about what shirts you can make from Right now I can do a shirt for "Drive your dream car for $5,000" but not "Woman goes from trash scavenger to princess".

meanjean said...

Lifestudent: I know you probably identify more with the article about the trash scavenger ( who doesn't even get to be, like, a real princess). I agree though--they are completely random I think. Totally bogus.

shake said...