Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Reminds Me More of SVU Than DKNY

I've seen this covered in a few news outlets, but I had to mention it myself. The newest ad campaign coming from Wrangler (remember those jeans your brother wore in the mid-eighties?) is not only offensive and disturbing, but also kind of pointless and ridiculous. Check out the new "We Are Animals" campaign from Wrangler:

I mean in what world is this seemlingly dead woman supposed to make me want to wear Wrangler Jeans? There is something to say for an ad that depicts humans with animalistic behaviors or characteristics, but its another thing to depict women (not men!) as (what appears to me to be) victims of violence.

Is it just me, or do these women look dead? Theres a video out there too, thats strange as well. I don't get the campaign, do you?

Via Feministing and AfterEllen

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