Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Keep Your Mind Closed. All the Conservatives are doing it.

I guess one good thing about being a conservative is that you are allowed to admit you are ignorant, and proud of it. I've been sick of hearing conservative/Republican rhetoric bouncing all over the place for the last 19 months, and it just gets worse and worse.

I've been so hyped up the past couple days because of the incredible spirit of the Democratic National Convention. Watching the Tribute to Ted Kennedy video and then hearing him speak, watching Michelle Obama bring her husband and her family a personal, emotional edge, and last night, being audience to the awesome Hilary Clinton, who really has stepped up her game, acknowledge and be acknowledge for the great strides she has made for women.

All of these moments have been inspiring and exciting--and have left me in that cloudy bliss that makes me forget there are people out there who have no interest in making life better for others. People who don't mind that women don't make the same wages as men. People who don't think minorities are still at a huge disadvantage in this country, or just don't care about civil rights--or at least those who don't care to help. People who have no problem telling two people who love each other that that not only can they not get married, but that they shouldn't be able to--because at some point the government took on the role of moral and religious guide.

But then, when I am lost in this perfect liberal bliss, I am confronted with that lovely conservative ignorance--and this time I'm not just talking about John McCain. Today we discuss young conservative Ashley Herzog and her August 11th article on "College Classes for Conservatives to Avoid".

In this piece of work, Ms. Herzog recommends the following:
"Don’t register for English classes that revolve around the writings of some allegedly oppressed group, such as “Gay and Lesbian Literature” or “Women and Writing.”

If possible, avoid the sociology department, especially introductory-level classes. These are often crash courses in politically correct thinking.

Be skeptical of classes with words like “Non-Western” and “Multicultural” in the title."

...among other things. This is the kind of conservative/republican thinking that is somehow acceptable in those communities. For some reason I really cannot imagine, this gal actually thinks its ok to not make any effort to know about any non-white, non-American, non-heterosexual peoples. Talk about a whitewash. I'm ashamed to share the same gender as this woman. Ug.

via feministing.

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Ashley Herzog said...

This shit makes me laugh. Too bad you didn't realize that I, the "close-minded conservative," read Feministing every know, because I'm not open to any ideas other than my own.

By the way, the point of my Townhall column was that you shouldn't waste your money on courses where you won't learn anything factual. The Civil War was the result of American leaders trying to hold off the socialist revolution? Please. And Assata Shakur's biography belongs in a political science, not an English, class. Have you read it? I wouldn't exactly call it great literature.

Funny how the feminists are accusing me of "dogma" and never being exposed to any ideas other than my own. What am I doing at OU then? Trust me, if I only wanted to be exposed to my own ideas, I wouldn't be studying at one of the most liberal schools in the Midwest...or reading Feministing.

By the way, if I was such a dogmatic conservative, I wouldn't waste my precious time writing this (which didn't go over well with my conservative colleagues):

It would be nice if college feminists would admit that they're the close-minded ones. They despise women whose views are even slightly different from their own. Just read some of the comments on Feministing: their biggest thrill in life is sneering at women with the wrong set of beliefs. Maybe if you ditched your fucking "more enlightened than thou" superiority complex, feminist ideas would be attractive to a larger group of women.

Feel free to post this on Feministing, since their site never works and I can't log in!

Love always,