Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thats One Big Foot

It seems a couple of guys in Georgia have found Bigfoot. Well, actually. They are saying that they found the body of a Bigfoot.

" A clayton county Police officer says he and a friend have the body of a Bigfoot. The animal -- a legendary, hairy hominid that supposedly lives in remote forests -- is said to be dead, frozen, and "shocking." Matthew Whitton, a 28-year-old, who has been with the department for six years,and Rick Dyer, a 31-year-old former correctional officer, posted a video on, last week, claiming to have the male Bigfoot corpse. Whitton and Dyer co-own, offering exploration expeditions in the North Georgia Mountains, On their web site Whitton and Dyer announced an alleged discovery: "We have located a family of Bigfoot, and besides the clear photos and video, we have something even more shocking, a BODY." Stay tuned... "

Our pal Bigfoot has been accused of a lot of crazy things over the years, but no one has ever had any proof of its existence. In this case, a lot of people (even believers) are skeptical about this find:

"The Bigfoot Field Research Organization, a California-based group claiming there have been 61 Bigfoot sightings in Georgia, officially described Whitton and Dyer as "idiots" and "clowns," and warned their claims are a scam to advertise their business."
The Bigfoot finders are holding a press conference on Friday to announce their discovery. But you can see some pictures here and read the groups full press release here. I'll let you know next week what the verdict is...

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