Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Snapshot.

Blogger drinks margarita from sweet Slurpee Straw.
Blogger enjoys delightful iced coffee though killer metal hot pink Slurpee straw.
Blogger relaxes on Sunday night, revising articles, drafting a short form piece, sporting a Rosetta Stone T-shirt and sipping ice cold tap water from the most bitchin' straw on earth.


lifestudent said...

If you think that straw is so great you should try a bendy straw. It makes everything taste good.

Kelly Aline said...

I brought my awesome metal straw to Philly, where it has aided me in drinking water, beer (not recommended!), a gin and tonic, a vodka soda (many), and coffee. Yay straw!!

courtney said...

a.) if there is ever a slurpee option, i have to have one.

b.) are you drinking your Myloplex shakes?

lara said...

This is the best entry ever.

meanjean said...

I drink 3-5 Myloplex shakes a day with this straw. I also drink my Full Bar(TM) through this straw.