Monday, June 2, 2008

Don't Leave Racy Pictures on Your Digital Camera...

...just in case you lose it, and some one is nice enough to help you find it.

I've talked about PostSecret before--the website and subsequent books of confessions/secrets folks write anonymously, but I just found a new pretty interesting site for Found Cameras and Orphan Photos. On this site people post photos from found digital cameras or memory sticks in hopes that someone will recognize a face from the picture and the camera/memory stick will be found! There are also a few posts of old photographs that have been found (moving into a new home, or from a second hand purchase) in hopes of getting the original back to the owner. I just that deserved a little shout out, especially for those of you who have lost a camera! In my own experience, I once picked up my high school prom photos from a drugstore photo counter and took them right home. When I got there, so-so-s0 excited to see the prom pictures, I found pictures of someones large family BBQ and camping trip. These were eventually swapped for the Prom pics, but it took a few days and put a lot of stress on my 17 year old self. I hope those folks got their camping pics back!

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Nobo said...

I really hope you already know about FOUND magazine, and of course, its promiscuous little sister "Dirty FOUND"