Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hard Times for Cyclists (especially in SS)

Have you ever been out riding your bike and somehow lose a bike path or lane from right under your tires? Maybe it becomes a parking lane, or a sidewalk. Maybe it just flat out disappears. Its not just you, it happens all over the world, and some folks from The Slate got out there to document some of the stupid bike lanes cyclists encounter.

Come on local DOTs! You can't just placate cyclists by painting on some wonky lines hither and thither about a city! I always worried that it was just me who couldn't follow paths. Luckily this video (embeded below) shows one reason why I have a hard time riding in my (not-so-bike) friendly neighborhood of Silver Spring, MD.

Have you had any nasty bike lane experiences?


meanjean said...

Sorry that video got a little cut off---I couldnt seem to get it to fit right!

nick said...

At first I wanted to say AWESOME--but the unambiguous reaction is probably more like: Finally, someone is giving SS the biking credit it deserves. This town is pretty stupid indeed when it comes to cycling. Hear, hear.

courtney said...

Wow. Seriously. Yeah, there's a bike lane on Stony Brook Road that ends just as mysteriously as it begins. It's probably all of a 1/2 mile on a road that is at least 10 miles long. So odd.