Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Deceit at its best...

I just picked up this information from Feministing.com and it totally disgusts me: It seems that the website prochoice.com is actually an ANTI-CHOICE site. That's right, by masquerading as a safe place to visit by women who actually are seeking help it promotes its anti-choice stance with such helpful information such as:

"Abortion- How Much Will It Cost? The ultimate price, your baby's life, your self esteem and maybe your life.The financial cost can be very little to a lot. Rarely discussed is the hidden costs after the fact."

"Abortion- What Is it? Abortion is human intervention that does not allow a developing child to be born. It is the death of another less developed human being."

And one more winner:
"Imagine feeling safe and the next moment someone is killing you and you can't get away or cry for help."

For a lot of women, in different situations, abortion is an option. Its subversive, manipulative people like whoever put up this site that are trying to cheat women out of their own right to choose what they do with their bodies. Just disgusting.


lifestudent said...

Ah deceit. One of the only things in life I have been able to truly master.

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and I find abortion disgusting. Abortion is murder and any woman who has an abortion is a murderer.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the "Contact Us" section of this website is disabled. If there people believe in their cause so much, then why not be open to comments and suggestions?

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. I visited this site looking for info on the pro-choice movement and was disgusted. They describe every abortion procedure with words specifically chosen to frighten, intimidate, and horrify ("tear apart, "murder," "baby," burn the baby's skin off, cut the baby to pieces, violent birth, extreme danger to mother, etc.). There's nothing impartial, scientific, or informative about it. Using the name pro-choice for their title and then using a slogan about offering women a safe place to browse their options is atrociously misleading.