Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dupont Lives Up To its Reputation

Several times a week I pass through the Dupont Circle Metro station and NOT ONCE has anyone ever told me they could get someone to meet me for sex. Apparently it happens all the time:

WASHINGTON (Map, News) - A Metro station manager and a Metro custodian were arrested on prostitution charges after an undercover transit police investigation found they arranged sexual trysts for money from inside the Dupont Circle Metro station.

At one point the employees used the Metro loudspeaker system to facilitate an illicit sexual arrangement, according to police who arrested the pair last week. Sharon Waters, a Red Line station manager, told an undercover police officer at the Dupont Circle station June 4 that she could arrange meetings with local prostitutes for him, according to court documents. The officer returned to the station at 11:45 p.m. June 11 and met with Waters, who told him she was organizing a “sex” party in the Washington area for a $100 cover charge, court records show.

Yeah. Its happening. In Dupont. And I wasn't propositioned even once.

Whats wrong with me? (Feel free to answer in comments.)

Check out the full article here. Props to Life Student for the link.


Kelly Aline said...

I could have told you that, I just thought that maybe you weren't interested or that LC would get mad at me if I did :)

Lauren said...

oh no! where will i get hooked up from now on?

courtney said...

You've probably been propositioned at least 100 times... but you've been too busy reading your books/mags/back of the tee-shirt the person in front of you was wearing/cereal boxes/ Shakespeare/ eating tangerines and listening to your pod.

Seriously. Maybe you should stop multitasking.