Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MySpace Gangstas

I'm totally down with social networking websites for several reasons. To begin, I like posting pictures of my new hair cuts or my cats doing cat things on the Internet for all to see. Second, I like any situation where I can type-chat rather than actually have an interaction with real human beings. Finally, I like being a private investigator into other people's lives. Apparently everyone I knew in high school is married now, almost all the kids we thought were gay are, and many of those who are not married or gay are extremely happy with their fancy car, the Chicago White Sox, a significant other they call "My Baby" or "Babes" or even "bebe", and are apparently really happy about those things. I have nothing bad to say about all these folks--and in fact I'm super happy that they are happy. But, i digress, this post isn't about the 20-Something Southsider. Theres another MySpace subspecies that I have to mention. Sometimes, when I'm clicking through my friends on MySpace I find people, usually friends of friends, that think they are "Gangstas." For some reason Facebook doesn't have as many of these 'members'. I suspect this is because for a long time one had to have a school email address (usually college) in order to join-- and many "gangstas" have chosen to get their schoolin' on the street rather than in the classroom. Its funny for so many reasons, but mainly because a lot of these people live in suburbs where, I can imagine, its kind of a chore to really get any gang-action happening. I also think that many young people who live in suburbs live with their folks-another place that isn't too "bling" friendly. Either way, I love these folks for all their efforts to stand out in a playa-hatin' society. This awesome website I was just blessed with through a co-worker, I guess called "The Best Article Every Day," recently had a post on this phenomenal phenomenon called "5 MySpace Morons." Check it out for 5 prime examples. Seriously. Its awesome. If I had any cash or a "grill" I would try to change my MySpace profile to reflect this trend...PS: My Gangsta name would be John Cougar Bitch Ass. What would your Gangsta Name be?

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