Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alex Kochno

A lot of you may have already seen this. It has spread relatively fast on the internetz from its origins on my very favorite site, but I just wanted to further inundate the web with reports on this kids totally vile behavior. Alex Kochno, the the public relations officer of the Southern Illinois University College Republicans sent this piece of hate mail to (caution: a little hateful, inappropriate language below):

"Men are better than women look at the comparison in IQ men are scientifically proven to have a higher IQ by roughly 5 points, or 5% you cannot dispute science sorry and if you want a much better website than your shitty one you might want to go to [redacted]. I think you would gain a lot more knowledge from that website and you might learn about the truth that way you would not be so stupid and ignorant you stupid cunts"

You can read the whole post and all the comments here. I wanted to blog about it again because I just love the idea of his hateful words popping up every time an employer, friend, significant other or stranger drop his name into Google.

And as for the assertion that men are smarter than women? We all know that intelligent bigots know enough to conceal their have to be a damned idiot to email whatever rocks are rolling around in your misogynistic little head to a public website from your school email address Also, just for the record. I totally support SIU in general--this is not a reflection on the university, just a jackass who attends it. I wont post them here, but the article links both to his MySpace page and his Facebook page. Might as well give him a poke, yeah?

Also, feministing posted an update about the great response from SIU about this kids childish act.


Shake said...

This guy is a joke.

Candice said...

I'm surprised that he sent an apology to feministing, too. First, did he think anyone would believe the sincerity of it? Second, did he think that would be enough to keep his young Refuglican post? I wish I could be a fly on the wall of the future recruiter who googles him and finds this.

GirlGriot said...

Ha! Yeah, I read about this future bright-light on feministing. What a moron.

lisa schamess said...

Hi Jean, I'd be glad to talk to you about my daughter's birthday party with Peter Kranz. email me at

Kelly Aline said...

Okay, so since you mentioned googling him I had to do it. Your blog is the 2nd hit!!