Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wanted: Girl with Breasts

I totally support body modification (tattoos, piercings, etc), but I'm not always sure about the motivation. Some people really want horns, or leopard spots tattooed all over their bodies. I guess if you were really having a hard time getting close to a woman, you might want to try to recreate a woman-like creature you could go to bed with every night, you know, like by adding silicone implants to your already gaudy tattoo of a large breasted woman. That might be the answer. Besides, all that you really need from a woman are the jugs, right?

I have no further comment on this.


jennie said...

wait... are you implying that the guy in the picture has trouble getting some bed action with a woman?? shockiing :)

courtney said...

why else would you date a woman?