Monday, December 31, 2007

I don't really like rice, but some folks do.

In 2008, you all should do some work for the needy and exercise your brain at the same time. Head on over to and match some words to their synonyms. For each answer you get right will donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger. Because I am the eternal sceptic, I made sure this was a legit op before I wasted my limited free time bettering myself though testing my own vocabulary. Sure enough, confirms that is not a scam. The Urban Legend Reference page spoke to to explain where the money comes from to pay for the donated rice. As with all things on the gloriously free Internet, advertisers foot the bill for those grains. also is connected to, so check them both out. If you can't join the Peace Corps and move to Sierra Leon for 27 months, you can at least give a handful of rice to some needy folks in 2008 by remembering that despotic means the same thing as dictatorial.


courtney said...

this is what i do when i get bored. thanks for helping me accomplish at least a little something when i'm busy accomplishing nothing.

Tom said...

I don't like rice either!!
I like freerice though :)

…Wanna play another game? ;)

I take the opportunity of this article to present answer4earth .
Along the same lines of Freerice, it’s about general knowledge… and it's great!

edscutegirl said...

I know FreeRice is legit, but has anyone got proof that Answer4Earth and other sites like this aren't just people scamming ad money off people who want to help the planet? I'd love to see a list of all sites like this checked out. Snopes only covered FreeRice under the games that donate and Care2 and Hunger Site with affiliates for one click daily donations.