Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Legacy of Henry Hyde

In light of the death of former congressman Henry Hyde, a lot of his enemies have stepped forward to remind everyone of what a sexist jerk he was while he was alive.

A couple of good hits on Hyde include:

A piece about a woman tragically affected by the Hyde Amendment: Remembering Rosie: We Will Not Forget You
An article about the affair Hyde had although he strove to impeach Bill Clinton for his romp with Monica.
Some words from Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood.

And also Wonkette.com points out this week some controversy about government funding. We all know that the government doesn't fund abortion. The reason for this is no one other that Mr. Henry Hyde who originally passed the Hyde Amendment without out an exceptions---not even rape or incest. That has since been amended, but we can thank Hyde for the sentiment. What DOES get funded are penis enlargement pumps for old buggers. Medicare spends about $450 per pump, per geezer who wants one. Check out this article for full details!

Man, I never even thought about asking for a penis-enlargement pump. I'm stilling hoping the government will pay for my cat insurance.

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