Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh no! Our little boy might like girl things!

I read everything with a critical eye after a year of studying writing and reading feministing.com (unrelated to one another). Writing about a subject means its an issue, and declaring something an issue translates that people might have strong opinions on it. This article on CNN.com is one of those things that just drive me crazy. The article is about how is really is OK to let your son play with a toy kitchen. (Gasp! No Way!!) I can't believe an article needs to be written about this subject. When are we going to get over this dolls for girls and trucks for boys thing? Its just so irrational.

The title, "Toy kitchens for boys?" proposes that CNN is presenting some radical train of thought. How can this be radical?? The Rose Petal Cottage is just fine for little girls, because, obviously, they not only like to play in the kitchen, do laundry and decorate--but its natural!

The Story Highlights?
Toy kitchens for boys seen as OK
More men starring in TV cooking shows
More boys watch their fathers cooking dinner

A toy is a toy. Its not weird for a boy to play with a toy kitchen, and its not weird for a girl to hate the toy kitchen. Sigh.


jennie said...

my boy will never be in the kitchen... one minute hes cooking in the kitchen, the next minute hes doing the laundry... its a slippery slope... youre getting pretty liberal jean... i just hope you dont get too crazy... like saying a woman can be president...

courtney said...

Yeah - when we were doing our Tis The Season shopping at WalMart (see also, "When WalMart ate my soul)... we shopped for kids by ages and sex. Since I had the list-o-girls, I'd read off things like "4 eight-year old girls" and in response I would hear things like, "ok - let's head down the Aisle Of Pink again!" and then I wanted to vomit. Profusely. All over the Aisle of Pink.