Thursday, December 13, 2007

CNN Sucks.

I used to really like, but lately they have really been ticking me off. I try to keep the blog related to media and other external sources, rather than just me complaining, but still. This is ridiculous.

One of CNN's headlines today: "Jodie Foster publicly thanks lesbian lover"

Seriously. In what world is the phrase "lesbian lover" even remotely politically correct? For what reason is a national news agency reporting that an actress thanked her partner at an awards ceremony? Maybe CNN should report every time George Bush mentions god or Bono mentions poverty. Get over it.

Its a video of two newsish people discussing Jodie's personal life and how it relates to her career. The video is followed by a video about Britney Spears' unfit parenthood and inability to show up in court when she is required. Its all celebrity scandal, I guess.

UPDATE: Before I finished writing this blog CNN had changed the video headline to "Jodie Foster publicly thanks gay partner." Better, I guess, that her partner of 14 years isn't referred to on a news website as her" lesbian lover."

1 comment:

Lara said...

Can I publicly refer to you as "my lesbian lover"? You know, just for show.

I think once you do things like go to the grocery store together, you stop being lovers. Even if you do it up against the crackers while you're there.