Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm actually still using this cell phone.

Man. This phone really is awesome. I first saw it under the car seat of my mothers minivan in the early 90's (i think). She was a single mother, and had to think about our safety--I can imagine that because making a call from your "car phone" probably cost, like, 30 bucks, she would have been more likely to use it as a weapon if she had been in danger than to have actually called for help. I also remember Zack Morris using this phone on Saved By The Bell. How dreamy...

I've never really gotten into all the hip fancy new cell phone trends everyone seems to be into these days--and I've only upgraded my phone twice since I got my first cell in 2000, however, I still want to celebrate how far we've come since the days of this brick.

On April 3rd, 1973, the first cell phone call was made from Martin Cooper of Motorola to his rivals at AT&T. How smug and awesome! Wired magazine celebrates this great moment in history today with an interesting article about the history of the cell phone.

I hope that all those little 12 year old punks who obsessively text message their friends from their teeny-tiny phones at all hours of the night know where it all started.

Thanks Mom, and Zack Morris, for helping me remember how crappy cell phones used to be and how cool I thought they were. If I had been a little older, I probably would have been one of those people who insisted that cell phones would never take off. Now, can some one help explain to me what these "internets" are?

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