Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Will the Real John McCain Please Stand Up?

Clinton did an awesome job last night and I'm happy for her success (don't worry Obama, you are still my boy). And I'm glad that McCain finally knocked that weirdo Huckabee out of the race (because there ain't nothing closer to mixing church and state than putting a freaky Southern Baptist preacher in the highest office in the land).

The real issue here is that I'm concerned that something happened to McCain...doesn't this "McCain" look like photoshopped version of McCain and his woman?? Seriously. That can't be real. There's no way.

This image from just confirms the theory of Doubles that I learned from our local Capital Hill crazy homeless guy Peter who believes that all powerful people have look-alikes for security purposes. (Peter also believes that he sired one or both of Princess Diana's sons while she was living in Kalamazoo, MI and her double was acting in her place in England).

Or maybe its like that movie Dave where the president gets ill and they find some schmuck who looks like him to act as president so not to cause a national panic. Yeah, and then the real McCain is in a nursing home somewhere with the 80.9 year old Pope Benedict and these guys in the spotlight are just look-alikes. I hope a McCain look-alike doesn't win the election...but, well, I guess a look-alike would be better than the real McCain.

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LC said...

so creepy if it's true. how do you get a job like that? i mean, basically, it's just so YOU'LL die and not the real politician. you're basically being paid to die. how much do you think the salary would be? would you get a raise for every year you DIDN'T die? what about a bonus if you get caught up in some shrapnel(sp?)? so interesting. i'll post my resume on today!