Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Caribou Vs. Starbux

I have long been a rather dedicated coffee drinker--since the days when St. Louis Bread Company (before it was swallowed by Panera Bread in 1994) offered an "all you can drink" cup of coffee than allowed me and my other 12 year old cronies to loiter in the Mall for hours on end. I took a job working at Caribou Coffee in high school and became a passionately devoted customer, although I hit up SBux more frequently out of convenience.

This boring exposition is simply meant to set up a new coffee drink I found today. I'm not sure when it was launched, but perhaps it just arrived in my 7-11.

Bevnet.com only gives the new drink 2.5 stars, which, I guess, is understandable. Its not incredibly delicious, or even unique--but it is made by Caribou, which makes me want to support it. There is a straight Coffee version, a Vanilla version and this slightly stronger Espresso version. I like it, and I feel more awake, which is the reason for purchase. Additionally, at my 7-Eleven it was $1.79 with tax AND only 100 calories and .5 grams of total fat in the can. (Comparable to Starbux Iced Coffee Can which has 100 cals, 1 g of fat in 11oz...and, if memory serves me correctly definitely runs more than 2 bux (hehe)). Either way, give it a try. If nothing else, you'll enjoy the sensation of the shiny 12oz. aluminum can between your fingers.

PS: I'll try to return with some more stimulating blog posts and cute kittens in the coming days. I'm a little fried right now.


courtney said...

you said, "between your finger."

I know, don't say it, I'll do it for you - "drew, you're such an 8-yr old boy."

Milda said...

Yum. Caribou Coffee. :)