Monday, February 25, 2008

Once again, Illinois beats Michigan

You all may have read about the cow in Saginaw County, Michigan which miraculously has the image of the state of Michigan in its markings on its side:

But I really think you all should be aware, that, as usual, Illinois has beaten the heck out of Michigan. In this rare photograph you can see the true awesomeness of Mother Nature:

Thats right. This Zebra not only boasts the shape of Illinois in its glorious hyde, but also a vivid representation of Illinois roads, unlike the vague resemblence to Michigan the above bovine demonstrates. Go Illinois!


courtney said...

good thing people don't really RIDE zebras. Libertyville would be constantly be in the depths of someone's crotch.

lara said...

I have a crush on a funny blogger GUESS WHO IT IS

also i would ride a zebra.

Kelly Aline said...

You're effing ridiculous and it's awesome.