Thursday, March 27, 2008

Egg McDementia

Good Morning America and MSNBC both let me know this morning that "belly fat" (a revolting term unto itself) causes dementia, pretty much no matter what. So while I was mourning the loss of the inventor of the Egg McMuffin, Herb Peterson, news which made me both sad and hungry, I was secretly glad that I only had a Luna Bar for breakfast rather than a food item that might produce the dreaded, mind-deteriorating "belly fat". I know that my mind is really the only thing I've got, so I shall do my best to steer clear of dementia as long as I can (because its bound to come at some point).

PS: According to Wikipedia, the Egg McMuffin is the lowest calorie breakfast sandwhich on the McDonalds Menu. Thank you Herb Peterson for providing me with a lifetime of "low" calorie breakfast delights, made not only in your McDonald's kitchen, but in my mother's kitchen and my own; you shall be missed.

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