Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today, I Blog For Choice

Why Do I Vote Pro-Choice?
I vote pro-choice because I cannot fathom living in a world where my body is not my own. I cannot imagine living in a world where "being responsible" about a pregnancy means having a baby, not making the best decision for me. Making abortion illegal is condoning the belief that women's lives are not their own, that men own women like property and are free to ask them to preserve their virginity, to give them away in marriage, or to make laws that take away their ability to choose what is best for themselves. This is not only dangerous for women everywhere who will still obtain unsafe abortions without medical assistance, but dangerous for women who forced to carry a child may lose their job, their education and their future.
There is no victim in an abortion like right-wingers try to prove. A doctor who assists in an abortion is not a criminal who barges into the homes of healthy women and steals away their babies. A boyfriend or husband of a woman who chooses to have an abortion does not own the decision, especially because abortions are a decision about an unplanned pregnancy, there is no room for a man to assert the woman is taking anything away from him. The fetus has not yet joined society. A woman who has an abortion, especially in a legal, caring, medical environment has considered options, received counseling and made a choice. She is not a victim.
A society which takes away the freedom of choice for a woman is akin to a society which does not allow certain racial or religious groups take part in elections. Overturning Roe v. Wade would be resorting to some of the darkest, most appalling times in our nation's history, and as a woman, as an American...jeez, as a human being-- that would truly sadden me.


LC said...

I love your mind. You tell those asshole Anti-Choicers. When I met you, you were a tiny bud trying not to be a feminist. Now, you are in full bloom---a big, fat, beautiful flower shining in all your feminist glory! I love you.

lifestudent said...

Ha ha. LC called you fat. Get off your soap-box fatty. I think the "anti-choice" got you all riled up :)

courtney said...

AMEN, sista.