Friday, January 18, 2008

A History Mystery!

I have a really strong interest in history in general, but also in religion, so it excites me when there's historical/religious news to spread around! I didn't really know too much about the Lost Tomb of Jesus, besides the fact that there had been a documentary about a tomb that was uncovered in Jerusalem in the 1980's that was supposedly the ossuaries (bone boxes) of some folks believed to be the Jesus Clan. The tomb contained ossuaries of a fella named Jesus (specifically "Jesus, son of Joseph"), a couple of Marys (perhaps the mother and the wife of Jesus), a Joseph and a Judah (stated to be the "son of Jesus".)

I guess its not impossible for there to have been a similarly named family from Jerusalem around the same time as good old Jesus romped the Earth, but I think its pretty sweet that it might actually be the Jesus of Christian lore. Its like finding King Tutankhamun again! Or even better, because finding the boy king was just a cool surprise, whereas finding the grave and potentially the bones of Jesus sort of confuse the Christian belief that Jesus physically rose up to Heaven after he was crucified...but it would at least prove he existed.

Maybe the whole thing is just exciting me like The DaVinci Code or the "Paul is Dead" conspiracy, but I love historical debate. I wish so bad that both DaVinci Code and The Paul is Dead stuff could be proven true. I guess I wish the same about Nessie and Bigfoot. News outlets are covering the Lost Tomb of Jesus thing again because just this week there was a conference in Jerusalem to start the conversation again about the tomb.

From an article in TIME

"Over 50 archeologists, statisticians and experts in DNA, ceramics and ancient languages, [gathered] to give evidence as to whether or not the crypt of Christ had been found. After three days of fierce debate, the experts remained deeply divided. Opinion among a panel of five experts ranged from "no way" to "very possible". "

TIME ran an article last year, too, about the Tomb. Check it out...its like, CSI: Biblical Times.
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