Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Google Search Tricks

Thanks to, we can learn how to manipulate Google search even more than ever before! Find out how to use Google to Get the Local Time Anywhere, Track Flight Status, Convert currency, Compare items with "better than", Make Google recognize faces and more!!

I am pretty impressed with Google, especially considering that its a search engine and not some fantasmaflopical robotic brain which reads my thoughts and knows my innermost secrets. Wait, it is that.

Google won't really win me over until it can provide the correct answers to the following searches:

"My Birth Father"*
"How I will die"*
"Why doesn't he/she love me?"*

*links are the top hits on Google searches. Sadly, Google failed me. And all my friends out there seeking their birth fathers. You know who you are.

1 comment:

courtney said...

The other night I had a dream that I met my dad. It was weird and creepy.