Friday, October 12, 2007

I dont "hate" Hillary.

For those folks out there who have been asking me (in and out of the blogosphere) why I hate Hillary Clinton so much, I wanted to clarify.

I don't hate Hillary. I hate Washington and Washington took over Hillary's body a long time ago. Sure, I think she USED to have a soul, but the poor woman has become so embroiled in the political machine that, in my mind, we might as well elect R2D2 to office. Well, thats not quite the same, because I think at one point R2D2 might have cried real human tears. Or maybe that was the Small Wonder.

Either way, I enjoy Obama's inexperience. Politics have not corrupted this man's soul just yet, theres time to have someone leading this country that is neither evil or an android. Obama's enemies attempt to make him look foolish when he says optimistic things, or when he demonstrates that he actually cares about people. When he makes statements that don't agree with typical US foreign policies. I think its refreshing that his responses stray from the programed speeches of most folks in DC.

If Hillary wins the nomination I will support her. I might even get a Hillary t-shirt. If she wins the presidency I will be happy to live in a country which elected a woman president (even though we are waaaaay behind majority of the world, ie, Argentina). I think she'll do a decent job. She supports women's rights, and civil unions. Unfortunately, she also supports No Child Left Behind (to the best of my knowledge)...but maybe she'll get over that.

So, in conclusion. I don't hate Hillary. I just prefer Obama.


lifestudent said...

I disagree. I am unsure as to whether Hillary every had this soul you speak of. Please provide an example of this so-called soul possession.

nick said...

the political-science adjunct and one of my favorite old-lady english adjuncts are always discussing at lunch on tuesdays and thursdays the Apparent Hillary Sweep of the nation. i still hold true to the anxiety that this america we live in cant vote in a female, especially a hillary. but maybe this is because i've been raised by Republicans. Or maybe it's because i've lived through the last two presidential "elections." Or maybe it's because i have first hand knowledge of what men at places like MaMa Lucia's think about women...