Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Animal is Not a Toy

Whats next, people hitting each other in the head with frying pans?

"PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police say a high school student is facing charges for using a biology class snake as a jump rope.

Police say the incident happened Monday at Taylor Allderdice High School, according to KDKA-TV.

Police aren't identifying the 17-year-old suspect because he's being charged in juvenile court. The boy will be charged with theft and cruelty to animals.

The animal survived the ordeal and was being examined by a veterinarian.

Pittsburgh Public School officials on Tuesday were not immediately able to say what kind of snake it was." via Fox News

People should be charged more often with cruelty to animals -- you know its going on all the time. As a side note, that Neanderthal Michael Vick just got out of prison. And no, he shouldn't be allowed to play football.

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