Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comic Books and Prop 8

I didn't even know that MTV had a real website, or that it would be like this, but I found this neato article today on

Out and Proud: Five Comic Book Characters Who'd Oppose Prop 8
"California’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s “Proposition 8″ ban on same-sex marriage yesterday, fanning the flames of what’s sure to be an ongoing debate in the state and the nation as a whole. In light of this event, we’ve decided to look at some of superheroes who are out, proud and feel no shame in how they live their lives — and who’d be most affected by legislation like Proposition 8."

I think that everyone should appose Prop 8, but I love it when comic book characters get in the mix. Its nice to see and hear celebrities like Drew Barrymore get out there and support equal rights, even though I don't necessarily believe celebrity support will change peoples minds. I do like what Drew told Free Speech Radio News, though, that:
"[Prop 8] literally is illogical and cruel and is absolutely unnecessary."
I think equality is the fight of the little guy, the average American, and you know, the superhero. The MTV article lists Northstar (who had an AIDS related storyline) and Batwoman (my best girl) among others. If those comic book characters stand up for LGBT rights, I certainly can stand up for Superhero rights!

Photo courtesy of DC Comics

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