Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Hidden Conservative Agenda?

I heart history, culture, animals, space, technology and the environment. Where can I learn about all of these things at once on the interweb? My new favorite site It’s kind of like mentalfloss for the even geekier reader. Aside from articles about dinosaurs and immortality, the think that interests me most about the site is that a majority of the comments on each post are a debate about science and religion. Weird, right? At first I was really weirded out about how many people were talking about whether Jesus should have been on the "Top Ten Immortals" list alongside Peter Pan and Dracula. I was a little worried that maybe I was being faked out and that the site which appears to me to be a fun science site was maybe actually full of coded subliminal religious messages and I didn't notice! Maybe I was tricked! Scientists are liberal, right? Scientists are usually atheists, right? I wanted to do a little hunting for clues about LiveScience religious affiliation, but I just came across readers who are pissed that the web site clearly falls on the side of the atheists. I'm always afraid that I'm being swayed secretly by a conservative agenda (and I don't mean Fox News, I mean secretly conservative, not blatantly). Does anyone read this site? Does it appear to be tricking me?


lifestudent said...

Why would I waste my time on a science site when I could be reading perezhiton?

meanjean said...

I think both sites have their merits, for sure.