Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Future Me? Is that you? You look goooooood!

On October 8th 2003 I wrote a letter to myself. When it arrived, one year later, I was confused at my own handwriting on the envelope. Writing the letter had been assigned by a high school English teacher who had worked with me and several other education majors during the student teaching extravaganza of our senior year of college. Reading my words in October of 2004 I was delighted by how accurately I had predicted the year that had passed. I still carry the letter, almost 5 years after it was written, to remind myself of the goals I had then...goals that I am still slowly trying to accomplish.

About 6 months ago, I came across FutureMe.org, a website where you can write emails to yourself to be delivered in the future--the next day, week, month, year--whenever you are ready to look back on today.

I received my FutureMe email today from December of 2007. Sadly, I have bailed on one of the two goals I had made then, but the other one I am rockin'. I am inspired to write more FutureMe emails to congratulate myself for things I plan to accomplish, to remind me of incredible moments that may otherwise disappear in couch cushions, and to remind myself that I still want the same things for myself I always have (and at some point I'm going to have to find the gusto to actually get those things.)

Remind yourself, or thank yourself--or remind yourself to thank someone else. With the hundreds of emails we all write everyday, you'll forget in 30 seconds that you wrote it, but it will make a difference when your futureself sees that email...

I can't wait until they come out with PastMe.org so that I can maybe get an email from Future Me that's like:

"Hey Past Me, definitely take the job you offered on August 22, 2011...its going to make you rich and famous."


"Hey Past Me, you should totally invent HoverShoes before some a**hole does in 2022, because you could make some serious dough with how popular these things are."

Or, you know...whatever.


courtney said...

Can I remind myself to thank myself?

Jeffrey D said...

hah, this totally rocks... see you in 2028!