Monday, February 25, 2008

NYC is Dangerous for Kittens

I've previously posted about how cats are bad-ass survivor types and heres just one more example!

The Associated Press reported that a six month old kitten was found after 25 days scurrying about New York Subway tunnels. Here is the full text:

" NEW YORK (AP) - A skittish kitten that scampered out of its carrier on a subway platform has been found after 25 days in the underground tunnels. Transit workers tracked down 6-month old Georgia under midtown Manhattan Saturday. Police reunited her with owner Ashley Phillips, a 24-year-old Bronx librarian. After hearing that the black cat might have been spotted below Lexington Avenue and East 55th Street, track workers Mark Dalessio and Efrain LaPorte went through the area making "meow" sounds. Georgia responded, and they found her cowering in a drain between two tracks. Georgia had lost some weight and scratched her nose but was otherwise unhurt. She had disappeared while Phillips was bringing her home from a veterinarian visit last month."

There wasnt a picture with the article, but I can imagine the scrawny furball this little cat must have been after her rescue. I wonder if she had any close encounters with those famous NYC sewer alligators...

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