Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ye Olde Pirate Love

Long before the Pirates of the Caribbean and Urban Outfitters hip pirate gear gained popularity I wore skull laces in my Chucks and failed at convincing my roommates to let me paint skulls on our loft. Pirates now are pretty hip, which is good for me because its easier for me to find pirate related clothing and accessories, but bad for me because I have to compete with hipsters for pirate passion.

Just remember, there’s more to a love of pirates than owning the DVDs of Pirates of the Caribbean or a t-shirt with a skull on it. Its really a passion. A few things you should know about: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. You've already missed it this year, but every September 19th you and the rest of the Pirate Lovin' world can celebrate Pirattitude.

You also must remember that the pirates are not just a thing of the past (nor are they always very polite or fun)! The definition of piracy is as follows: Piracy is a robbery committed at sea, or sometimes on the shore, by an agent without a commission from a sovereign nation. If you are into plundering, and some other gruesome things check out the following articles detailing more recent pirate activities: This article from the Council on Foreign Relations estimates the total damages from pirates in loss of ships and cargo to be about 16 million bones a year (no pun intended. ARRG!). Additionally, it seems the number of Pirate attacks have increase world wide, and according to CNN, these pirates just wont stop.

Also, gal pirates also get the shaft, but there were certainly some. Like Grace O’Malley, Anne Bonny and my best pirate gal Cheng I Sao. She was beautiful and tough and had been a prostitute before she was a pirate! Not to mention she also survived the life of a pirate and survived through her retirement when she died in 1844, she was a 69 year old grandmother. Hot.

Just a few pirate thoughts for you all, post-halloween.

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