Friday, November 2, 2007

The Dichotomy of the Interweb

Even as a bit of an Internet junkie, I am still surprised every day by the vast array of what is out there on the web. Today I learned about some conservative answers to what is apparently a liberally biased web. today posted an article on "GodTube" the new competition for YouTube. The motto, based on YouTube's "Broadcast Yourself" is "Broadcast Him," which, in my opinion, is really creepy). GodTube reaches out to all those religious folks out there with video content just for them:

"GodTube videos includes music, comedy and heated theological debates. Two of the most viewed include a corny rap remix called "Baby Got Book" and a 4-year-old girl reciting Psalm 23 from memory."

Its existence alone is interesting, but the fact that the site had more than 4 million unique visitors during October and maintains more than 150,000 registered users with active profiles, blew my mind.

Also out there for those conservatives:, where you can find awesome posts about Evolution, Homosexuality and my man Barack Obama. For just a taste of what you'll get on, here's a bit from the Obama page:

"After a series of ill-advised foreign policy statements, Obama was openly criticized as a light-weight even by liberals, in much the same vein John Edwards and Dan Quayle had been depicted. First, Obama said he would openly embrace two of Florida's most fearful enemies, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez Florida is a key state to any presidential ambitions...The incidents all added up to a picture of a candidate ill-prepared and ill-advised, lacking in a basic understanding of the Office of the Presidency, and failing to surround himself with appointees able to make up for his deficiencies. "

Oh, Conservative bias at its best!

If you still haven't had your fill of conservatism on the web, check out right's answer to MySpace. I didn't create a profile, because I was afraid of the churchfolks getting all up on my cookies, but I'm sure its a rockin' good time. If these sites don't keep you busy (i like them in the same way I like websites on Roswell, or Circus People) check out The Right Links, a place for all your conservative web needs.


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you suck at blogging

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maybe that's where my dad read that i'm more likely to contract AIDS?