Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Swiftly Times Have Changed

As some of you may have heard, vacation Nervous Blogger is officially retired and prompt and professional NB is here to stay.

That is correct, I am jobfull.

Now, I still have a couple weeks left to find an apartment, move all my stuff, and generally get my act together, but the big question is this: Where does the blog go now? I honestly thought, by the way things were progressing (or not progressing), that I would be an out-of-work blogger for quite a bit more time, but the tides have shifted.

What do you think I should post about?


Rhea said...

Post about your job! You may be nervous, but others of us are just curious.

nick said...

Post about the ever elusive best apartment ever, and whether you feel the pressure to get a car/own a car/bike/use public transportation, now that you are living in a The Chi proper again.

Yes, apartments and transportation--go!