Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working, Writing and Waiting

In the time since my last post, I've mostly been in California on an extended work trip, but I've also been thinking a little more about what's to come in 2012. Before the end of January I'm shocked by how much I already have on my calendar for the next 12 months. Birthdays and birthday trips, vacations, weddings, races. Wowza. I've been a really successful procrastinator lately (including permitting myself to act as if the new year starts february one rather than Jan 1!) And, even if we pretend that's true in my tiny universe, I better get my act together - I only have a couple days.

Although I'm not so big on resolutions (or, rather, I'm not so big on making resolutions at the New Year - I am fond of constantly resolving to be better) Ive accidentally made a lot of promises to myself and I have to see what I can get done.

To begin, my body is falling apart. Since I began my new, excellent job in November, I have been practically out of commission in yoga and running. February I'm planning to partake in a 30 day yoga challenge (30 classes in 30 days) to get back in action and also to start conditioning myself for half marathon training (the half is in early September). Im a little scared because I'm been having some back pain for the last two weeks, but I'm planning to push through it.

As I'm working on getting my body back where it should be, I'm going to return to the art of exercising my brain as well. My dino blog got a strong start in September and then I abandonded it like yesterday's latte cup. Sooo, in February, im climbing back on the dinosaur and hope to do an official launch before March. I'm guessing no one will read it, but it will be lots of fun for me to write.

I'm also going to pair a little personal and professional development with a focus on picking up some of my old Spanish textbooks. I think its silly that I dont have a second language - even conversationally. So I'm picking that fun back up, too.

I'm not sure when im going to have time to do all this, in between all the other events on my calendar this year, but its worth a shot. I'll keep you all updated on my progress.

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