Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is anybody out there?

I'm always sort of freaked out when someone mentions to me something they read on my blog. Of course, of the reasons people like me start blogs is to be read, but I find I'm so embarrassed of my low budget blogging for the last 5 years that I almost wish the select handful of you who opted to be notified that I've posted would just quietly remove yourselves and no longer cause me the tension of having your audience.  In all likelihood, if I wanted to maintain a blog on which I might actually be encouraged to write on it would probably be dedicated to the following subjects: dinosaurs, cats, running, yoga, music, and public transportation/delights of urban living. While staying on these few subjects might be kind of fun for me, I don't really know how much fun you all would have. The other option is to do Readers Choice and take suggestions for posts. I'm happy to write on any subject. As my voice echoes out and back from the blogosphere I ask- what do you want to read about?


Kelly Aline said...

In one breath you tell us to quietly stop reading and also ask us to give you a topic we want to read about!

I put your blog in my google reader ages ago--it's a pleasant surprise when a new post pops up :)

You should write about "public transportation/delights of urban living" or dinosaurs...does Chicago have a dinosaur like DC?

Lindsay Hamilton said...

I have always liked your blog and enjoyed getting an email that you have posted something. There are plenty of people that feel the same as i do, so you must be doing something right:) write about what you want!
Hope all is well

meanjean said...

Thanks for the comments! Oh my someone is reading! :) I hope I can keep on occasionally entertaining you.