Monday, November 24, 2008

A Nelgected Blog is (temporarily) Revived by Cocaine

So i haven't blogged in months because my school schedule suddenly flew off the handle and left me with minimal time to do so, but this article needed some airtime.

The Guardian recently reported that "four square metres of rainforest are destroyed for every gram of cocaine snorted in the UK, a conference of senior police officers as told yesterday."

So THATS who to blame for the rapidly depleting rainforest. Check out the full article here.

Post Script: I'll make an avid attempt to come back to thatmakesmenervous. I realize that i've been posting funny things I find on facebook anyway, so i might as well post here. For those of you who are facebook friends, watch out for some repeats in the coming days.

Post-Post Script: I am so afraid of drugs, this picture makes me nervous. I cant even watch Blow.


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