Friday, September 5, 2008

Green Screen on John McCain?

Last night, John McCain spoke at the RNC, and aside from his unsurprisingly boring speech and inanimate robot face, there was a mysterious green screen behind his head... as visible in this video, part one of the borefest:

I thought it was a little odd when I was watching it. Strange to shoot on a green screen like a movie set, strange to make yourself look more mechanical by removing all reminders of reality from the shot. Just strange.

But this afternoon I read something that converts that strangeness into absolute hilarity. Talking Points Memo notes that McCain wasn't talking in front of a green was just a bad close up on the grassy knoll of a large mansion-like building. Was McCain speaking in front of a photo of one of his very own mansions? At, first no one was sure. This building was recently identified as "Walter Reed Middle School, in North Hollywood, California. Wow. Thats even stranger.

Unless...someone was trying to place a picture of Walter Reed Army Hospital and just failed in their google search? I dont know...but its a pretty hilarious theory. Check out the full article (with pictures) here.

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